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My Online Portfolio

This is my personal website that describes what I am involved in. Browse through the following sections to learn about me and what I do:

Who is Daniel Emaasit?
A Machine Learning Researcher in Transportation Engineering

I am currently a Ph.D student of Civil & Transportation Engineering at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). I am also a graduate research assistant in the Transportation Research Center at UNLV. Broadly, my research interests involve the development of flexible probabilistic/Bayesian machine learning methods for high-dimensional data, with applications to Urban Mobility, Transport Planning, Highway Safety, & Traffic Operations.

Current Project:
Improving Urban Mobility Using Big Data

I am currently working on a research project that seeks to improve Travel Demand Forecasting and Modeling using Big Data from mobile phones. This project involves:


I love to conduct research and contribute to the body of knowledge. Some of my research has been published in revered journals and presented at top-tier conferences in the field of Transportation Engineering like Transportation Research Board (TRB). I am also a reviewer of some of these journals. Check out this brief shortlist of my research:

To see the full list of my publications, books, talks and conference proceedings, click here.


I discuss my research on this blog about topics related to R, probabilistic machine learning, hierarchical models, Bayesian Non-parametrics, Bayesian Optimization, data visualisation, Big Data and much more. I encourage you to give your feedback on the comments section at the end of each post.

I am also a regular contributor to top Data Science blogs like Domino Data Lab, Inc. and SparkIQ Labs, Inc.

Open-Source Projects

I am leveraging several open-source programs to conduct data science on real world problems including but not limited to Transportation Engineering problems. My favorite open-source language is R. I also regularly use Scala, and Apache Spark. I also enjoy telling stories about data using interactive web applications developed using Shiny, Plotly, QlikView and Tableau. My recent open-source projects include:

Review all my projects and source code on GitHub.

Data Science & R Meetups

I am the organiser of several R & Data Science Meetup groups in Las Vegas (USA) and Africa. These are non-profit professional groups that bring together people interested in data science and R-programming in the respective communities to discuss topics such as: